I cannot say enough about my experience with Jasmin. We had two areas in our house that needed attention, as we prepare to bring on our third child. Our storage area is an amazing space, that we could no longer use. We could barely walk through it. Jasmin came in with her team and within a week had transformed it into usable, extremely organized space, while also challenging us to start looking through what we had been holding on to. It was an amazing exercise all the way around, and we all feel SO much better now that we can use this storage area the right way. Not to mention the small details, including the intricate labeling of everything.

Jasmin also organized an entire hallway storage area for us that had become beyond overwhelmed with art supplies, gifts, and kid's stuff. It's now 100% organized and easily accessible... and we have been able to use so much of the "found" stuff these past few weeks: birthday cards, gifts, wrapping paper, etc. This area is now ready to take on mementos from our third child, and has given us some serious order back.

I would highly recommend Jasmin – she is quick to respond, great with follow-up, knows when to help nudge you along personally with your own stuff, and overall just an amazing person to work with all the way around.

- Kate J., Los Angeles, CA

Jasmin, with her mega-watt smile and calm, cheerful and efficient self, walked through our front door and was ready to organize, streamline, and make sense of our beloved, but very packed home. My dear grandparents had built the home over 60 years before, and had never gotten rid of anything. Literally every piece of paper and knick knack had been stowed away. I had been there 9 years and had only added to the commotion. I was completely overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. In addition, two prominent family businesses had been grown in the home, so there were piles and piles of sensitive material that I didn't know what to do with. This was no problem whatsoever for Jasmin, and she beautifully and discretely handled everything in a professional and timely manner. I'm a big fan of recycling and repurposing old items, so I loved that she used baskets and containers I already had to organize and categorize closets and shelves. She arranged everything up in a way that makes it easy for me to maintain, and a system that makes sense for me, a naturally very unorganized and cluttered person. She is loving and gentle, but also knowledgeable and skilled when it came to what items should be kept, trashed, or donated. Run, don't walk to the phone and call Jasmin Reate Consulting! You can thank me later!

- Sarah H., Carmel, CA

We hired Jasmin Reate to help organize our closets (master and daughter’s) and pantry when we moved into our new home. Jasmin was very diligent and took the time to understand our needs and look at our items so that she could put together an organizational closet system that worked perfectly for us. She was very efficient and her initial estimate of hours was spot on. I love all of the tools she gave us to keep things neat and tidy after install as well! I would highly recommend Jasmin Reate Consulting services!

- Paige P., Brentwood, CA

So I finally surrendered! Having a huge walk-in closet is nothing to boast about if it isn't functional and being used to its fullest potential. Late fall, I found myself in this very situation. I am "collector", stylist and accessory maven and needed a professional organizer to take charge and help me make sense of my treasures. JRC swooped down with an NDA in hand (because, confidentiality is key) and went to work leaning out my closet, organizing the goods and essentially giving me access alongside storage sanity. I am now able to find more, which means I am also able to actually utilize all of the amazing pieces (and basics) I have in my version of a Narnian Wardrobe. Jasmin is discreet, organized, punctual and most importantly, will work with your existing storage system and supplies to create an environment that is easy to access, arranged effectively and works best for you. #FIVESTARS #SUPERPRO #COSIGNED

- Lisa S., Santa Monica, CA

Jasmin Reate was exceptionally professional! I needed my holiday decorations organized, clothes packed for a ski trip and my vanity organized. Jasmin tackled the tasks with ease and organization. Her services have truly taken a great amount of stress out of my life. I highly recommend hiring Jasmin for any organizational needs.

- Amanda V., Santa Monica, CA