About Jasmin L. Reate

Jasmin in kindergarten, when organizing began.

Jasmin in kindergarten, when organizing began.

Jasmin, the JRC Founder, is a self-proclaimed and friend-certified neurotic caregiver and perfectionist.

To those who know her, this is Jasmin's dream job. Being a professional organizer lets her be equal parts Joan Holloway and fashion consultant as Jasmin brings her fashion magazine and executive assistant experiences together.

A 320-square foot studio in New York City's West Village was Jasmin's home for many years, so there is no space too small or large for her to organize. In 2012, and after 9 years in New York, Jasmin moved back to native California and currently lives in Los Angeles.

Jasmin truly finds gratification in organizing: an innate attribute of Jasmin's which her OCD and Virgo personality traits have allowed her to perfect since she started playing office in kindergarten.